Colorful fashion and accessories – For the environment

Since 2008, the PELT brand stands for fashion and accessories with style and color that lighten the everyday life and relieve the environment!
The claim “PURE LIFESTYLE” stands for uncompromising, colorful design: colors symbolize joy for life and usually stand for solidarity and tolerance with our fellow human beings, for ideas and movements, for the vision of living together, creating a carefree future.

We bring color into your everyday life, because the colorful PELT ORIGINAL belt and PELT PIMP handbags symbolize recycling in style. Undeniably, PELT ORIGINAL belts are outstanding. In additon, as a carrier of these partcularly durable products, you make an important contributon to handing over the earth we have lent to future generations.

Sustainable, trend-setng, up-to-date designs made from recycled materials have dominated the PELT product portolio since the brand was founded in 2008.
Since then, PELT has been able to positon itself as a B2B partner and supplier to innumerable well-known companies and to develop a reputaton as a reliable partner for retailers. Countless PELT ambassadors appreciate the high quality of workmanship and the tmeless design of the PELT products.

Immerse yourself in the world of PELT and experience “PURE LIFESTYLE”, colorful and every day anew.